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Wentworth Transitioning to Test-Optional Admissions

Wentworth will adopt a test-optional admissions policy beginning in the fall 2020, giving high school students the choice to submit or not submit SAT or ACT scores when applying to the university.

Research has found that standardized test scores are not always the best indicator of academic success and can be a barrier to applying to college for some students, according to Keiko Broomhead, vice president of Enrollment Management.

“Wentworth has long practiced holistic admissions and will continue to do so with more emphasis placed on high school GPA, rigor of courses, extra-curricular activities and personal qualities as evidenced in the applicant’s essay and letters of recommendation,” said Broomhead.

“We’re looking for students who are focused and motivated to succeed in their chosen field of architecture, computer science, design, engineering, or management with an understanding of how Wentworth’s hands-on learning approach and cooperative education program will lead them to create smarter, better, bolder solutions to 21st-century challenges.”

The decision to transition to test-optional came after research and peer institution discussions conducted by the Enrollment Management Division in collaboration with a Faculty Senate sub-committee on enrollment and admissions.