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Wentworth Announces New Master’s Degree Programs in Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

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With infrastructure, climate and built environment challenges presenting themselves more than ever, skilled engineers are in growing demand by employers. Enter Wentworth Institute of Technology and the addition of three new master’s degrees. 

Wentworth recently approved a Master of Science in Civil EngineeringMaster of Science in Architectural Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, all slated for Fall 2021. 

"We're constantly aiming to offer our students the best options possible to advance themselves and enter into high-value careers,” said Wentworth Provost Ian Lapp. “These degrees represent dynamic fields that are in need of the highest caliber graduates.” 

School of Engineering Dean Jose Sánchez and Dean of Graduate Education Durga Suresh-Menon conducted extensive research into the academic merits and the competitive marketplace for these offerings, according to Lapp, prior to their approval.  

“People in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, infrastructure renewal, water reuse and similar fields want to advance their careers, and we are serious about providing opportunities for them to obtain the skills they need to do that,” said Suresh-Menon, noting specific areas in which Wentworth also offers professional certificates. “This continues our work to make Wentworth a premier destination for students pursuing graduate degrees.” 

Architectural, civil and environmental engineers engage in vital infrastructure renewal, help provide clean drinking water, fight climate change, and find new and sustainable solutions to challenges in today’s built environment, particularly when considering the ways remote workplaces and social distancing have changed things in the last year. Each master’s degree program will be offered with 4+1, full-time and part-time options. 

“When we talk about Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering in particular,” said Lapp, “we're referencing job sectors that are so important in reimagining how we live and work in a post-pandemic world." 

Those interested in Wentworth’s newest master’s degree programs can find out more during an upcoming information session. Graduate Admissions staff and faculty members will be available to answer questions.  

Registration is currently open for a 6:00 p.m. session on March 24.