Video Goes Behind the Scenes with the Concrete Canoe Team

February 3, 2020

Three female students discussing strategy for building concrete canoe.

Concrete makes up many things that we use in our day-to-day lives. Streets, sidewalks, buildings… and canoes?

Held every April, the concrete canoe competition pits schools against each other in a boat race, but as the name denotes, this is not your average race. Students in the Wentworth chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers calculate the proper materials and numbers that they will need to create a mold before pouring the canoe.

Each week we will chronicle their journey as they gear up for competition weekend. Episode one of our video series starts with a look at what lies ahead. This week, they are sanding the mold as they prep for the biggest week of the season: pour week. With just two weeks to go until then, the team is anxiously working on sanding the mold to perfection.

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--John Franklin

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