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Tips for Distance Learning Success

woman sitting in front of table and computer

Whether you were on co-op last semester or are just taking college courses for the first time, distance learning might be an adjustment at first. Luckily, Wentworth’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) has provided a helpful list of tips for finding success.

Jojo Jacobson, associate director for the CAE, broke the list down into four categories: productivity, study tips, resources and apps, and setting up your physical space.

To ensure a high level of production in class, she says, students should follow these tips:

  • Make a daily to-do list
  • Think about changing the lecture speed to 1.5
  • Make small plans each day to remain productive
  • Take advantage of additional forms of communication that professors are offering

If students have an online exam coming up, and are having trouble staying focused on studying, they should consider using the following strategies:

  • Ask for help! If you are struggling and aren’t sure what is going on, ask a question
  • Set a schedule. Even if the lectures are prerecorded, you don’t want to get out of a rhythm

If students are having trouble, and are seeking some extra help from a variety of platforms, they should check out these suggestions:

It can be hard to adjust to learning at home, especially if a student hasn’t done it before. Check out these helpful tips on setting up a learning space at home:

  • Go for walks to clear the mind. It’s important to stay active
  • Keep separate workspaces. Don’t work from bed
  • Drink water! Staying hydrated keeps you awake and focused

“Keeping focus on each aspect of learning will help each student in the Wentworth community achieve greatness,” says Jacobson.

--John Franklin