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Student’s N95 Mask Among Items Entered into Industrial Design Competition

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Leif Hauge is Representing Wentworth in the IDSA Student Merit Award Competition

As wildfires ravaged California in 2020 and COVID-19 spread across the globe, people were in serious need of N95 masks. Leif Hauge, Industrial Design ’22, decided to play a role by designing masks that are comfortable, versatile and sustainable. Now, Hauge and his work are representing Wentworth Institute of Technology in the IDSA Student Merit Award competition.  

Held annually, the Industrial Designers Society of America event brings together numerous schools to highlight “the very best creativity, problem solving and design brilliance in each of IDSA's five North American Districts.” Hauge is currently competing against schools in the Northeast with two winners (one undergraduate level, one graduate) ultimately selected from each district.  

One of Hauge’s designs, the Luft Versatile N95 Mask, was created to be comfortable enough to wear most of the day, while also considering smaller and bearded faces. The mask fastens around the back of the head with Velcro and an adjustable sinch allows for a secure fit around the chin. A foam back head strap keeps the mask secure up top, and filters can be inserted near the nose and mouth.  

In addition to the Luft, Hauge has submitted his Trail Blaze Recoup shoe and a design for a wooden blender called Viable V01 to the competition.  

His entire portfolio, as well as a submitted presentation, are currently being analyzed by a group of design judges. Hauge will update his presentation and submit a video for the second round.  

wooden blender
Viable V01
man wearing a face mask
Luft N95 mask
sneaker prototype
Trail Blaze Recoup footwear