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Student Honing Small Business Skills at Wentworth

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Delphine Surel-Chang, Construction Management '26

Delphine Surel-Chang spent some of her most formative years in Paris and Brussels, growing a deep appreciation for European art and architecture, as well as technology and construction.  

After moving to the United States five years ago, she sought a university that would help her advance her website development skills, and offer a location that was rich in history and architecture. She found it at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

“I really align with the work motivation at Wentworth and co-op opportunities,” said the first-year Construction Management student. “Its smaller campus and urban location make it a very unique college.” 

Surel was accepted to another neighboring university but believed that Wentworth offered her a better chance to move toward a career in real estate development. Despite growing up in a “very French-speaking" household, she also relates that finding friends at Wentworth and fitting in has not been a challenge.  

“My co-op opportunities and extra-curricular activities will lead me to interact with others who share my interests and become adapted to a real-world environment,” she said.  

On the side, Surel runs Deauville, her web design company. What began as a summer hobby to help local real estate companies has blossomed into a fully-fledged business that counts non-profit organizations, online stores, and art galleries among its clients. Surel named the company after the Normandy, France town that she often visited as a child. 

She sees her Wentworth courses and centers like Accelerate as ways to further her web design and business skills.  

“Acquiring a bachelor's in Construction Management and possibly a master's degree will allow me to enter the field with a strong knowledge of my trade,” she said. “I think Wentworth will greatly impact my career goals.”