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Professor Gloria Monaghan Publishes Fourth Book of Poetry

a book next to a portrait of a woman

Gloria Monaghan and her new book, Hydrangea

Professor Gloria Monaghan, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, has authored her fourth book of poetry, Hydrangea. The collection was published through Kelsay Books.

Set in Michigan and along the shoreline of Massachusetts, Hydrangea examines the natural world and finds divinity in the “color of green on the underside of a leaf/when you think all hope is lost/there it is/the sun shining through/even brighter than before.” Monaghan wrote the poems in the wake of a health scare, a divorce, and her daughters growing and leaving her home.

Monaghan is also the author of Flawed, False Spring and Torero. Her poems have appeared in Alexandria Quarterly, Lily Poetry Review, among others. She counts authors Keats, Rimbaud, Dante and Pina Bausch as influences for Hydrangea.