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President Thompson Statement Regarding Recent Washington, D.C. Events

american flag outside the united states capitol building

The United States Capitol Building

A statement from President Mark Thompson regarding yesterday's events in Washington, D.C.:

"Yesterday, the world watched as our Nation’s capital and democracy came under attack by an angry mob. What took place at the United States Capitol Building was not an exercise of first amendment rights, it was a failed attempt to use force and violence to intimidate and interfere with a fundamental constitutional process. What took place yesterday was neither partisan nor patriotic, it was an act of domestic terrorism that was abhorrent and an affront to all citizens in this country.

The world also witnessed a stark and disturbing difference in the response to yesterday’s violent actions compared with the response to the peaceful protest for racial equity that took place in Washington, D.C. this summer. It was another frustrating reminder that there is a clear difference in the rules of engagement that depends on the demographics of a crowd or the nature of the issue.

The combination of these events has left many of us experiencing a variety of feelings - from exasperation and fear to anger to confusion. I understand and respect that we all respond to and feel differently about what we experienced yesterday. Today, I hope you will reach out to your friends, family members, and colleagues for support, to talk about what happened yesterday, and to process how you are feeling. For those of you who want additional support here, please know all our campus resources are available for our campus community. Listed below are a few of the many offices and staff here for you.

My hope is that the statements made and actions taken by our country’s leaders since yesterday’s assault on our Capitol have begun the healing process of moving our country forward both in uniting us and in protecting our democracy. The U.S. Congress took the first important step by continuing their session last night.

Here at Wentworth, these events drive home the imperative that we work together to become an institution where belonging and inclusion matter, where equity matters, and where we are invested in the success of each member of our community. Together we can be the light so desperately needed at this dark moment in time, and together we will make the future brighter for each one of us."


Resources for Supporting You:

  • Dean of Students Office: 617-989-4702
    • Dean Wenner: 617-989-4410
    • Dean Fowler: 617-989-4082
    • Dean Kosses: 617-989-4486
  • Center for Diversity and Social Justice Programs: Alex Cabal, 617-989-4987
  • Center for Wellness/BeWell@WIT: 617-989-4390