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Finding Confidence—and a Dream Job—Through Project Management Master’s Degree

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Alyssa Robbins

Alyssa Robbins was looking to advance her project management career, but she needed a way that wouldn’t disrupt her daily life. She found it in Wentworth Institute of Technology’s flexible Master’s Degree in Project Management program.  

“This is one of the few accelerated project management courses being offered,” she said. “I was working full time in hospitality, and I needed a quick fix.” 

The condensed eight-week courses allowed her to focus on one class at a time, while an asynchronous model allowed her to make her own schedule.  

“I could definitely still live my regular life at the same time,” Robbins said. 

Wentworth’s Master of Project Management program utilizes the most up-to-date software and strategies, as taught by professors who come from careers in industry. Classes focus on communication, decision making, execution, strategic development, team management, business acumen, technology, and critical thinking and can be taken full time or part time, including online with professors available through virtual office hours.  

Robbins was no stranger to Wentworth prior to her master’s program. As an undergraduate she appreciated the smaller, intimate nature of the classrooms with professors who really get to know and help their students. She highly recommends any undergrad at Wentworth consider enrolling in one of the graduate programs. 

“I learned so much during my time and you really make connections,” she said. “Wentworth is highly respected and highly regarded. People know Wentworth.” 

As a graduate student, Robbins was exposed to a host of new technical concepts, including scrum—an agile project management system commonly used in software development—through her scrum master professor. “She taught me so much,” Robbins said. “I’m now looking into getting my own scrum certification.” 

Upon earning her master’s degree, Robbins left the hospitality industry and became a project manager for corporate clients at Citi Group in Tampa. While hiring managers often see MBAs at that level, they rarely see a Master of Project Management degree, leading Robbins to stand out and have knowledge in concepts including lifecycles and project terms before even going into a job. 

She says that she would not be in her current position without that degree. 

“It helped me gain so much confidence,” Robbins said. 

Robbins is still in touch with her alma mater and plans to serve as a project sponsor for Wentworth capstones this year, mentoring students and recommending projects.  

“Education is not linear,” Robbins said, “and it’s nice to know that for someone like me you can go back to education later in life and be successful.” 

To learn more about a Master’s Degree in Project Management, visit the Wentworth website.