Facilities Department Making Campus Upgrades, Aiding Local Community

May 12, 2020

The Facilities Department collected and dropped off essential items for residents of Mission Main apartment complex adjacent to the Wentworth campus. 

Forty-three members of the Department of Facilities have been on Wentworth’s campus these past few weeks to disinfect buildings and equipment, and to make a host of improvements in various areas.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Wentworth moved to distance learning with students, faculty and most staff members evacuating all buildings including residence halls.

“Relying on our environmental, health and safety professional staff for advice, we were informed that the coronavirus dissipates after 92 hours,” said Associate Vice President for Business Bob Burns. “We waited this amount of time before allowing the maintenance and custodial staffs to enter vacated dorm rooms and classrooms.”

Staff cleaned door handles, counters and tabletops, bathrooms, kitchens and all hard surfaces using EPA-approved disinfectants. Burns noted that Wentworth’s custodial vendor, UG2, has a detailed protocol for the custodians to follow. The entire Facilities Department met to discuss safety protocols regarding social spacing and understanding of coronavirus symptoms, as well as answer questions from the staff.

The department has used this time to focus on building and grounds renovation projects, community outreach and emergency response. The team gathered items including toilet paper and disinfectants for residents at Mission Main, distributing 70 bags of essential supplies. Staff members are also distributing Stop & Shop gift cards to neighbors.

Campus projects have included renovating the Center for Continuing Education, landscape upgrades, striping the parking lots, and installing furniture on the Schumann Library terrace, new boilers in Baker Hall and a new cooling tower for 610 Huntington Avenue.

Some of the work can be found in the images below.

--Greg Abazorius


The Info Hub

The Center for Continuing Education​

Shawaf Terrace

Mission Main



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