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Class of 2020 Highlights: Mechanical Engineering Student Claire Quick

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We’re speaking with Class of 2020 students as they prepare to graduate. Our first installment is with Clair Quick, a Mechanical Engineering major and student-athlete.

What are you most proud of during your time at Wentworth?

I am proud of how well I have juggled being involved in campus extracurriculars while not compromising my schoolwork or co-op experience.  Playing volleyball all four years, being an admissions ambassador, and being involved on the SAE Baja team. I was so lucky to be a part of all of these activities at Wentworth while also maintaining a work ethic to set me up for success in the future.

What project or class especially stands out for you?

I was  a member of the SAE Baja team at Wentworth, which also doubled as my senior capstone project.  I had never been involved in designing a vehicle from scratch before, and the team and advisors took me in with open arms to teach me everything I now know.  Even though we could not attend a competition this year, the team continued to work on and improve the Baja design for next year’s team in hopes of setting up a solid foundation for 2021.

What advice you would give to first-year students?

I would recommend not wasting your time comparing.  This can mean comparing classes to ones you have taken previously, comparing professors to ones you have had, and most importantly, comparing your success to others.  You are on your own path and thinking about what could or should have been if circumstances were different can hold you back from making the most of your experience.

After Claire’s time at Wentworth, she plans to either take a job in Boston, or at home in Southern California, and adopt a dog.

--John Franklin