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Class of 2020 Highlights: Industrial Design Student Paige Huntress-Parr

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We’re speaking with Class of 2020 students as they graduate. Our next installment is with Paige Huntress-Parr, an Industrial Design student.

What are you most proud of during your time at WIT?

I think I am most proud of receiving the President’s Award for the Industrial Design department this year. I have enjoyed my time at Wentworth so much, and much of that is because of the education and opportunities provided for me by the Industrial Design department.

I have learned so much in that program, had opportunities to serve in leadership roles, and grown so close with many of my friends and the professors in the program. Receiving that award felt like such great recognition and acknowledgment of all the hard work I have put in during the last four years and has been a bright spot in this year despite everything else that has happened.

What project or class especially stands out for you?

Industrial Design is a really unique program, so I have really loved a lot of my classes. Every studio class had a variety of projects and opportunities to showcase our skills. One of my favorite classes, and now fondest memories since finishing classes online, was the Adventure Studio spring semester of this year. In this class we designed products for outdoor activities, such as camping or fishing. One of the best parts of this class was when we were able to go on a camping trip as part of our research for the class. That time with my classmates is one of my fondest memories of college and I’m really grateful for that experience.

What advice you would give to first-year students about to start their respective programs?

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others, whether that be socially, academically, whatever! Everyone is going to learn and grow at different rates and you might surpass the people you were worried about your first year. Instead of worrying and comparing with the other put around you, focus on becoming the best version of yourself and working your hardest with your classes. You’ll be grateful you invested the time in your friends and your work instead of worrying about the other people around you.