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Class of 2020 Highlights: Construction Management Student Alexia Ralphs

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We’re speaking with Class of 2020 students as they graduate. Our next installment is with Alexia Ralphs, a Construction Management student.

What are you most proud of during your time at WIT?

I am most proud of being the President of the Construction Management Club and being awarded the President’s Award for Construction Management.

What project or class especially stands out for you?

I would say that the final capstone project stood out to me because it took an entire semester with my best friends who I met here at school. And when we gave our presentation to the industry professionals, they told us they loved it and we did great. 

What advice you would give to first-year students about to start their respective programs?

I would tell all students to join every single club that they are interested in. Say yes to every new social activity. Just go out and meet new people and new friends. This time and these people you meet here will have an impact on you forever. Do not waste it.