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Alum Designs Visually Stunning Installation for Arts Academy

man standing in front of illuminated art installation

Photo by Aram Boghosian

Caleb Hawkins, Master of Architecture ’17, is responsible for a new installation at the Boston Arts Academy that is wowing visitors with its innovative use of color and projection systems.  

The newly renovated building at the Boston Arts Academy needed a showstopping piece that could be funded through the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.  

As director of MASARY Design, Hawkins led the team that designed an 18-foot-by-30-foot box that, according to The Boston Globe, “encases a tilted dome for projections, with sound and lighting that synchronizes with what is being shown on screen.” The end result is a “large LED tile screen and a series of custom lighting fixtures that follow a sweeping staircase in the school’s main atrium,” as described by the Bay State Banner. 

The uniqueness lies in the fact that the unit can be installed in a matter of hours and transported remotely to the site, something most dome projections cannot do.  

The installation, titled “Memory/Diffusion,” the interactive artwork “explores concepts of memory as proposed and developed by the French philosopher Henri Bergson through his major works—Time and Free Will (1889), Matter and Memory (1896), and Creative Evolution (1907).” 

workers designing standing around a table