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Adventure Awaits in Industrial Design Outdoor-Themed Studio Show

A suspension tent on top of a mountain

This suspension tent and other student-created items are now on display in the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences atrium. 

You might be forgiven if you thought you stepped into an REI or L.L. Bean on Wentworth’s campus this week. “Adventure Awaits,” an Industrial Design project on exhibit until July 18 has transformed the Center for Engineering, Innovation and Sciences into a showroom complete with student-created camping and outdoor equipment.

A few of the items displayed include:

  • A cold-weather rock-climbing shoe
  • An axe with interchangeable heads
  • An ultra-light cot
  • A portable, inflatable shelter
  • A suspension tent

Everything seen in the exhibit was designed and manufactured by a group of Industrial Design seniors as they worked to solve challenges and enhance the outdoor experience and beyond in the Spring of 2019.

"The level of quality produced in this exhibit is extremely high. These students are working at a professional level right now,” says Derek Cascio, the professor who led the project.

Images from the exhibit, as well as prototypes from the students, can be found below or at Wentworth’s Flickr page. The exhibit closes after Thursday, July 18.