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Summer Requirements

Before classes begin in the fall semester, there are a few items that need to be completed. Please see a complete list of dates here. [the pdf is from 2019]

[these are probably all internal]

  • 3rd Millennium Classroom Online Modules
  • Email Set-up
  • Emergency Contact
  • English-Placement-Exam
  • Financial Aid
  • Health-Immunization Form
  • Health Insurance (Online waiver or enrollment available late June)
  • Official Transcript
  • Laptop Selection
  • Photo ID


Now that you have made the decision to attend Wentworth, we need additional information from you to ensure you are ready to start classes this September. The requirements listed above each need to be completed by or before September 6, 2018. Please visit each page and learn what needs to be done to complete each requirement, and each requirement’s specific deadline. [2018??]