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Pre WOW Programs

Wentworth is pleased to offer an opportunity for students to come to campus early and explore their passions through one of four Pre-WOW Programs. These programs allow students to meet a small group of peers with a common interest (each group is limited to 20 students) and spend a day learning about a specific topic through hands-on experiences and group activities. There is no cost to participate in Pre-WOW.

Please note that you cannot participate in these programs if you will be participating in Impact! and Bridges, as the timing of these programs overlaps.

Pre-WOW programs will begin at 4pm on September 2, 2020 and conclude at approximately 3pm on September 3, 2020, at which point participants will continue into Wentworth Opening Week with their fellow incoming instudents. Students who live on campus will be able to move into their residence hall on September 2.

The deadline to register for a Pre-WOW program is Friday July, 31, though programs may reach capacity earlier. Registration will open in early July.

Active Leadership

Prepare yourself for leadership roles in college by participating in this workshop designed to help students identify and develop their leadership skills through hands-on experiences and group discussion. Students in this program will participate in a local rock climbing gym's "Confidence Through Climbing" program and work with staff from the Center for Student Engagement to discuss and prepare for leadership opportunities on campus.

Boston for Newbies

For those of you who are new to the Boston area, let this tour welcome you to the place affectionately known as “Titletown”! From the waterfront, to the Old State House, to Beacon Hill, come see what makes your new home so special for thousands of college students each year. We will use public transportation and our feet to get where we need to go. After all, Boston isn’t know as “America’s Walking City” for nothing! So wear comfortable shoes, some sunscreen, and have a passion for fun! Staff from our Center for Wellness as well as Fitness and Recreation will provide guidance and expertise.

*Please note, this tour is designed for those students coming to Wentworth who are not from the Greater Boston area. Preference will be given to students from outside of a 50 mile radius.

Game: An activity providing entertainment or amusement, a competitive activity [should this be a header?]

Through gaming activities such as VR, LARP, board games, video games, and tabletop role play, participants will work on creative thinking, problem solving, making friends, and having fun! Staff from the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons (with assistance from Division of Technology Services) will provide everything you need for a great gaming experience. [links needed]

Giving Back to Boston

Put your skills and interests to good use by making a positive impact in the community. Work with staff members from the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships to support local organizations and community members through hands on service as well as discuss ways to make social change using your field of study.