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Pre WOW Programs

Wentworth is pleased to offer an opportunity for students to come to campus early and explore their passions through one of our Pre-WOW Programs. These programs allow students to meet a small group of peers with a common interest (each group is limited to 20 students) and spend a day learning about a specific topic through hands-on experiences and group activities. There is no cost to participate in Pre-WOW.

Please note that you cannot participate in these programs if you will be participating in Impact! and Bridges or the Women's Mentor Program as the timing of these programs overlaps.

Pre-WOW programs will take place on August 31, 2021. Students who live on campus who participate in a Pre-WOW program will be able to move into their residence hall on August 30. 

The deadline to register for a Pre-WOW program is August 15, though programs may reach capacity earlier. Registration will open in early August. 

Wellness in the City

Looking for ways to stay mentally and physically healthy while attending Wentworth? Staff from our Center for Wellness will provide students with tips for managing the transition to college, facilitate outdoor yoga classes, explore a local farmer's market, and help familiarize students with navigating the city. 

Game: An activity providing entertainment or amusement, a competitive activity

Through gaming activities such as VR, LARP, board games, video games, and tabletop role play, participants will work on creative thinking, problem solving, making friends, and having fun! Staff from the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons (with assistance from Division of Technology Services) will provide everything you need for a great gaming experience.