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Pre WOW Programs

Wentworth is pleased to offer an opportunity for students to come to campus early to explore their passions and build relationships through one of our Pre-WOW Programs. These programs allow students to meet a small group of peers with a common interest and spend a day learning about a specific topic through hands-on experiences and group activities. With the exception of the overnight Zoar Outdoor Camping trip, all Pre-WOW programs are offered at no cost. 

Click here to register for a Pre-WOW program by August 1 (some programs may fill up sooner). 

Paddle Boston - September 2

Join us and embark on a fun-filled kayaking and canoeing journey on the Charles River.  This will be a scenic trip that will provide beautiful urban views of the city of Boston.  You will be able to see local landmarks and also have a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline.  This will be a great way to get to know the city while also having a respite from the heat! We will be using double kayaks as a way to meet other new students before classes start.  This will be no cost to students.  

Please note: Students who live on campus and participate in this program will move in on September 1.

Zoar Outdoor - September 1-2

Join the Department of Fitness and Wellness on an action-packed overnight adventure to Western Mass. Departing campus on the morning of September 1, you will head to the Berkshires to experience the views of this beautiful area from the treetops as you zoom down the mountainside on a Zipline Canopy Tour. After an evening spent camping (tents will be provided) with your new-found Wentworth friends, you will enjoy a leisurely breakfast before heading on your next adventure: hiking in the Berkshires! You will then hop aboard the bus and make your way back to Boston to join the rest of your Wentworth family for WOW. We do hope that you will join us on what will most certainly be an adrenaline rush!

Please note: students who live on campus who participate in this program will move into their residence hall on Thursday, August 31.

There is a $75 fee for this program. If you are interested in participating and this fee would prevent you from doing so, please still sign up and we will work with you to reduce or waive the cost based on financial need. 

Tour of Fenway - September 2

Join the staff from the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons for an day of fun and relaxation before the semester starts, while spending time in one of the best spaces on campus! Through different team builders and activities, you will be able to get to know some of your fellow classmates!  After getting to know each other a little bit better, we will head out to Fenway Park for a tour of the historic stadium.  This will be a great opportunity to get to explore the neighborhood around campus and also get an in-depth look of the coolest stadium in baseball! This is no cost so students.

Students who participate in this program who live on campus will be assigned to the September 1 move-in date.

Red Fox Escape Room - September 2

Looking for a fun way to meet people and engage your brain?  Then look no further than Red Fox Escape Rooms.  This escape room in the Harvard Square neighborhood of Cambridge is the perfect way to engage in an adventure and a puzzle.  Each room has a fully fleshed out and engaging story that allows you to work together with your classmates to solve increasingly difficult puzzles.  After (hopefully) escaping the room, you will have the opportunity to explore the historic and beautiful Cambridge neighborhood with your new friends! This is no cost to students.

Students who participate in this program who live on campus will be assigned to the September 1 move-in date.

Central Rock - September 2 

Join us for an exciting day of rock climbing and exploring the Fenway!  We will be heading to Central Rock Gym in the Fenway neighborhood to spend the day bouldering indoors.  The gym provides numerous different types of boulders and routes that you can take on your climb!  This allows for an extremely fun time and also a great workout!  After a fun workout, you will have the opportunity explore the exciting and vibrant Fenway neighborhood.  This will be a great way to meet students and get acquainted to the area!  This will be no cost to students.

Students who participate in this program who live on campus will be assigned to the September 1 move-in date.