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Applied Science is an interdisciplinary major that brings together physics, biology and chemistry. Students gain skills in data analytics, scientific computing and the ability to communicate their findings in a scientific way.

Full Time / On Campus

Develop in-demand, technical skills in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics through Wentworth’s innovative Applied Sciences program. Our flexible, four-year degree caters towards students that are eager to set themselves apart.

Don’t wait to solve tomorrow’s problems. Get to work using the latest in cutting-edge methods and technology today.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Unlike traditional science programs that limit students to one field of study, our Applied Sciences degree follows the scientific systems learning model and provides a strong foundation across Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Students not only study the ways in which the three disciplines rely upon one another, but they also put theory into action outside the classroom.

The Polytechnic Model in Practice

We believe that learning ought to take place in the lab. Our curriculum leverages the polytechnic learning model to our students’ advantage by utilizing a hands-on approach to scientific exploration. Our faculty enable students as they apply theoretical concepts to their own active research projects, ranging from modern medicine to astrophysics.

Applied Sciences Labs & Equipment


Wentworth’s very own radio telescope, housed on campus in our student project space, is in the process of being built from the ground up as part of an EPIC Mini Grant project.

BioDiesel Lab

This facility converts cooking oil into diesel fuel as part of an ongoing chemistry project. This apparatus was entirely student built and is housed on-campus in the Ira Allen building.