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Computer Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)

Full Time / On Campus

With Wentworth’s cutting-edge Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, our students form the link between business management and computer science. Our curriculum not only covers business organization, but also the programming, databases and networks that support them.

Bridging Business & Technology

At the intersection of business and technology, Computer Information Systems offers an education that neither discipline alone can provide. Today, companies rely on technology to streamline functions, decrease costs and communicate with customers. Our graduates have the training and expertise to make this all possible.

Enter the Workforce with In-demand Expertise

This degree guarantees a reliable foundation in the analysis, design, development, deployment and administration of computer-based information systems within a business management context.

Our students bolster their business experience and problem-solving abilities with strong technical skills in:

  • Databases
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Business processes
  • Organizational behavior
  • Networking and telecommunications
  • Project management

Wentworth Computer Information Systems graduates are poised to enter the business world with both the business and the technical skills that today’s global companies demand. As professionals working in the industry, they use creativity, problem-solving and communication skills to bridge the gap between computers and people.