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Applied Mathematics

Alumnus Derek Wong demonstrates the cross-disciplinary nature of Applied Mathematics. 

Applied Mathematics students put their expertise to work solving modern problems—but our department delivers more than just a robust, practical education. We foster a culture of student collaboration across disciplines, programs and departments.  

Fostering Successful Graduates

In today’s competitive job market, our Applied Mathematics graduates stand apart. Our courses are designed to develop students’ mastery of not only the mathematical principles, but also their practical applications across a range of disciplines, including design, technology and engineering. Our students graduate with a versatile degree that will set them up for success across any number of industries.

Benefits of an Applied Mathematics Degree

Graduate in Three Years

Earn a marketable undergraduate degree in as little as three years. Our bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics comes in both three-year and four-year track options, which means that students are ready to enter the job market sooner while paying less in tuition.

Earn a Dual Degree

Applied Mathematics is an incredibly versatile subject and forms the problem-solving backbone of many technology and design-based industries. That’s why we work with our four-year track students to enable them to pursue dual degrees in technology, engineering or design.  

Gain Real-World Cooperative Experiences

Our students put their classroom experience to work during two, semester-long, paid co-ops. During this period, students gain real-world experience while forging professional connections that can lead to full-time positions after graduation.