Construction Management: Facility Management Path*



Fall CONM 1000 Intro to CM/FM
  CONM 1200 Building Construction
  ENGL 1100 English I
  MATH 1000 College Math I
  CHEM 1000 Chem of Build Env
Spring CONM 1500 Construction Graphics
  CMFM 2400 Property Management
  ENGL 2200 English II
  MATH 1500 Pre-Calculus
  PHYS 1000 College Physics I


Fall CMFM 3300 Building Operations.
  CONM 2200 Estimating
  CONM 2100 Stats & Strength of Mat
  MGMT 2700 Financial Accounting
  ECON 4102 Principles of Economics
Spring CMFM 3200 Project Mgmt. for Facility Mgrs.
  CONM 2500 Building Systems
  MGMT 1500 Decision Analysis for Business
  ELECTIVE Humanities/Social Science


Fall CONM 3201 Const Proj Scheduling
  CONM 3100 Const Proj Management
  CMFM 4100 Facility Assess. + Forecasting
  MGMT 3000 Managing & Leading Org.
Spring COOP 3500 Cooperative Work Sem I
Summer CMFM 2300 Space Planning
  CMFM 4600 Principles of Real Estate for FM
  CMFM 4200 Energy and Sustainability
  PSYC 4552 I/O Psychology


Fall COOP 4500 Cooperative Work Sem II
Spring MGMT 4400 Business Neg. Principles
  MGMT 3500 Financial Management
  CONM 4200 Const. Safety & Risk Mgmt
  ELECTIVE Humanities/ Social Science
  MGMT 4100 Power & Leadership
Summer CMFM 5500 Capstone FM
  CONM 4650 Business & Const. Law
  ELECTIVE Humanities/ Social Science
  MGMT 3600 Labor Relations


*This Path is not Accredited by ACCE.