Business Management

Why Major in Business Management?

In today's dynamic global workplace, Wentworth’s business management graduates excel! With a strong professional foundation, the Business Management program at WIT prepares diverse students for positions of leadership in the private and public sector. Led by a world-class faculty and supported by a strong, established institution, Wentworth provides students interested in a career in business an affordable education in a technical and engineering environment. Students can choose from two elective focuses - Project Management or Entrepreneurship – to add uniqueness to their program of study.

Professor Stevens showing Excel spreadsheet example.

Employers know what to expect from WIT business graduates, and they get it: industrious, creative and reliable contributors with the fundamentals to hit the ground running and handle the challenges of modern business. Our acclaimed co-op program combined with an on-campus environment of team learning and classrooms that merge the practical with the academic, are key to our graduate's success and superb reputation in the business world. Wentworth co-ops and graduates are highly sought out by national employers

All this in Boston; the planet’s preeminent college setting and an acknowledged center of commerce in New England, North America and the world. Located in the heart of the city, the rich culture in Boston adds to a wonderfully, unique college experience.