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Master's in Electrical Engineering Curriculum

The Master's in Electrical Engineering is offered in two options: thesis and non-thesis. The thesis option requires 31 credits including Thesis I and Thesis II. The non-thesis options requires 34 credits including a two-semester project. All students are required to have at least one concentration.

To be considered for full-time enrollment, students must be enrolled in 3-5 classes per semester. Part-time enrollment requires 1-2 classes per semester. 

Proposed Courses - Subject to Change


Course Title/Subject Credits Modality
Numerical Analysis 3 Campus
Power Systems Analysis I 3 Campus
Antenna Theory 3 Campus
Machine Perception & Cognition 3 Campus
Very Large-Scale Integration 3 Campus
Thesis 3 Campus


Course Title/Subject Credits   Modality
Engineering Innovation Entrepreneurship                                                                         3                                               Campus
Power Systems Analysis II 3 Campus
Renewable Energy Integration 3 Campus
Introduction to Radar Systems 3 Campus
Cyber-Physical Systems 3 Campus
Industrial Controls 3 Campus
Embedded Systems 3 Campus
Advanced Computer Architecture 3 Campus
Seminar 1 Campus
Thesis II 3 Campus


Course Title/Subject Credits Modality
Power Systems Analysis I                             3               Campus
Electrical Building Systems 3 Campus
Introduction to Microwave Imaging  3 Campus
Robotics and Automation Systems 3 Campus
Parallel Computer Architecture 3 Campus
Digital Signal Processing 3 Campus