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Architecture 3-year Track

Make your dreams of becoming an architect a reality with a three-year Master of Architecture from Wentworth. This comprehensive program for students who have completed a four-year Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in a discipline other than Architecture, will introduce you to the contemporary challenges of the built environment and give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a leader in a dynamic and vital profession.

Learn by Making, Thinking and Doing

Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities and advanced technical resources will help harness your creativity and apply critical thinking to design projects. In year one, establish a firm foundation in design groundwork and architectural knowledge of technology, architectural theory and history. In year two, develop your design and technical knowledge through design studios, advanced technology and materials, and applied research. In year three, immerse yourself in a Global Research Travel Studio and learn first-hand about the challenges of the contemporary city from a global perspective. Round out your program with research and design of an architectural project of your choosing for your final design thesis. Throughout the three-year program you will learn about the architectural practice and enjoy ample opportunities to participate in workshops, readings and discussions on contemporary issues in the field.

Graduate CO-OP Opportunities

Three-year Master of Architecture students spend one semester working in an architectural or allied professional office in the summer preceding the culminating year of study (no credit, international students can use CPT).

STEM Designated

Wentworth’s Master of Architecture program has  federal STEM designation, which provides a potential 24-month Operational Practice Training (OPT) extension for international students studying on an F-1 visa. 

Apply to the 3-Year Master of Architecture

For information regarding application deadlines, program costs, and application materials as well as portfolio recommendations, visit our Architecture Applications Requirements page, 

Speak to a Graduate Counselor

We know going back to school is a big decision. You have questions; we have answers. Connect via email, phone or schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. 

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