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Wentworth's Mission, Vision and Values


Wentworth Institute of Technology, the university of opportunity, provides our diverse community of learners with access to educational programs responsive to evolving market needs. Through a uniquely effective, hands-on, experiential, and cooperative education approach, Wentworth prepares graduates who are future-focused and career-ready.


Placing the student at the center of what we do, our vibrant and diverse campus community of faculty, staff, and students, helps each member reach their greatest potential. We seek to maximize the value of our graduates’ contributions to global society and their effectiveness as future leaders.

Strategic Pillars

Inclusive Excellence

We commit to the continuous development of a campus culture that is increasingly diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We strive to develop a campus where everyone feels valued and meaningfully supported toward reaching their full potential.

High-Value Learning

We commit to offering a high return on investment by providing an education that equips our graduates with knowledge that is coupled with a highly valued skillset. We accomplish this through opportunities to address real-world challenges, applied research, social impact projects, cooperative education, collaborative experiences, cross-cultural exchange, and the effective use of advanced technologies.

Transformative Student Experience

We commit to prioritizing the health and well-being of our students and providing opportunities in support of their growth and transformation. Our holistic approach includes an interconnection of high-value learning, with high-quality services, activities, programs, and opportunities that align with student needs, interests, goals, and aspirations.

Next Generation Partnerships

We commit to maximizing the mutual benefits of partnerships with industry, alumni, and various communities. Through these partnerships, we enhance the quality of learning for our students and provide industry with a resource of skilled graduates. Through mutually beneficial forms of engagement, we support the lifelong learning needs of our alumni. We promote economic and social development in communities that include Boston and beyond.