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Outside Employment or Business Policy

Faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to participate in professional activities as a means of improving not only their own competence and prestige, but the prestige of Wentworth as well.

Outside service shall not be undertaken, with or without pay, if it might interfere with the discharge of an employee’s responsibilities to Wentworth. Care, therefore, must be taken to assure that such activities are clearly separated from the individual’s duties to Wentworth and that the activities do not interfere with the individual’s ability to meet the performance standards of that person’s position with the Institute.

All faculty and staff members will be subject to Wentworth’s scheduling needs, regardless of any existing outside work requirements.

While engaging in outside services, Wentworth employees have an obligation to avoid ethical, legal, financial, and other conflicts of interest to ensure that their consulting, professional, or outside activities do not conflict with the interests and purposes of Wentworth. For example, engaging in business or employment with an organization that is a supplier of goods or services to the Institute will be considered a conflict of interest. Moreover, making use of a person’s status with Wentworth to further outside business interests, or associating Wentworth with a product or service offered by an outside organization in which the employee has a business interest will not be approved.

Last updated: September, 2016