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Policy on Identification (ID)

Policy Category: Executive

Effective Date: 05/31/2023

Responsible Officer: Chief of Police


Responsible Office: Wentworth Police ID Office

Location: Link


To codify standard identification procedures for members of the Wentworth Institute of Technology (university) community.


This policy applies to all university faculty, staff, students, and visitors while on campus.




Wentworth Institute of Technology is committed to providing a safe campus conducive to education and research goals. The university will work to maintain a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the campus. As part of this plan, the university utilizes identification (ID) Cards for all students, faculty, and staff.


Identification Card: photo identification card in a specific design as determined by the university issued for the purposes of visual identification of a unique individual.


Issuance and Visibility

  • ID cards will be issued to all university students, faculty, staff, and guest program participants.
  • All students and employees must carry their Wentworth identification card at all times. Students and employees must present them upon the request of a faculty member, staff, or other persons of authority (e.g., Wentworth Police).


  • ID cards are to be used only by the persons to whom they were issued; they are non-transferable.
  • Alterations to an ID card is prohibited.
  • Cloning of an ID card to another card or device is strictly prohibited.

University Property

  • ID cards remain the property of the university and must be returned upon permanent withdrawal, suspension, dismissal, or end of employment from the university.

Replacement IDs

  • ID cards will be replaced free of charge for name changes or damage from normal wear and tear.

Lost or Stolen IDs

  • Lost or stolen IDs shall be reported immediately to the Wentworth Police Department or the ID Office.
  • The Wentworth Police ID Office will make a replacement of IDs that are lost or stolen. A fee will be charged for a lost or stolen ID.

Additional Information & Related Documents

Interpretation & Revision

Any questions of interpretation regarding this policy shall be referred to the Chief of Police. They will be the final authority regarding the interpretation of this policy.

This policy shall be reviewed every three years, however minor changes and updates can be made at any time.

Wentworth will typically apply the policy in place at the time it receives a report concerning the respected policy.

Additionally, in instances where two or more policies are implicated, a case-by-case determination will be made to determine what policy will be used.

Review and Revision History

This policy was drafted by representatives from Wentworth Police Department, Human Resources, and The Dean of Students Office. It was reviewed by Cabinet and approved by the President on May 31, 2023.

This policy replaces the language in the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee Policy and Procedures Guide.