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Our office helps you maintain your F-1 student visa status by ensuring you are enrolled in a full course of study at the beginning of each semester (unless there are special pre-approved circumstances which prevent that or if students are in their final semester and need less than a full course load to complete their degree requirements).

  • Undergraduate students must register for at least 12 credit hours with no more than one remote course.
  • Graduate students must enroll in at least 9 credit hours with no with no more than one remote course.

Academics & Enrollment

Please read through the following items carefully.

  • Changing Your Academic Schedule

    If you want to drop a course, please get the course withdrawal form online by going to myWentworth>Student Resources>Registrar’s Office Forms>Course Withdrawal. Be sure to choose appropriately based upon whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student. Please note that you need your instructor’s approval as well as approval from ISSE before you can submit it to the Registrar’s Office to be processed.

  • Online Courses

    Please be advised that international students on an F-1 student visa may take only 1 online course, which may then be counted toward their full-time enrollment requirement. 

  • Concurrent Enrollment

    You may take classes at other schools while taking classes at Wentworth. However, you must check what percentage of classes that may be taken outside of Wentworth with the Registrar and get the approval of your academic department. Students planning to take a course(s) at other institutions, must get proof of enrollment prior to the start of the course and then be prepared to show proof of grades. Students should note that in order to transfer credits, students must get a C or better.

    If you are concurrently enrolled, your SEVIS record/I-20 remains at Wentworth. 

  •  Academic Reinstatement

    If you need to apply for academic reinstatement please click on the appropriate link below:

    If your reinstatement was denied, please contact ISSE immediately to discuss your options.

  • Summer Session Enrollment

    Summer enrollment is optional for undergraduate students in their first and second summers. Optional summer sessions are exempt from the full course of study credit requirement.

    The academic schedule for juniors and seniors requires that students are pursuing coursework or participating in a co-op. 

  • Enrollment Verification Letters and Degree Verification

    Students who wish to obtain proof of enrollment at Wentworth or degree verification may make requests through the Registrar’s Office website by visiting their website.

  • Transcripts

    Students who want to get official transcripts can visit the Registrar's website for additional information.

  • Change in Major or Program of Study

    If you want to change your program of study for any reason, you must make sure that you follow the proper procedures through the Registrar's Office. Once you have done that, it is your responsibility to communicate any changes to your academic program to ISSE, including the change in major and expected graduation dates. 

  • Change of Level

    If you complete your bachelor’s degree at Wentworth and intend to continue your studies at a higher level (master’s), you must apply for and receive a new I-20 before your 60-day grace period ends.

  • Program Extensions

    There are circumstances that sometimes prevent students from completing their degree requirements by their I-20 expiry date. In those cases, students must apply for a program extension at least 30 days before their program end date listed on their I-20. Students should reach out to ISSE to let them know as soon as possible. 

  • Change of Address/Email/Phone Number

    Part of maintaining your F-1 student visa status involves keeping your local address, telephone number, and email address up-to-date. Any changes in this information must be reported to ISSE within 10 days. 

  • Travel Requests

    Are you going home or traveling outside of the United States?  You will need a valid travel signature from a DSO on the second page of your I-20 along with your passport (valid for at least 6 months into the future of your date of return to the United States), and a valid visa.

    Students should bring or email their most recent I-20 to ISSE for the signature prior to traveling outside the U.S.

    Please note that if your visa has expired, you will need to renew it in order to be readmitted to the U.S.

    Important Note: Travel signatures are good for one year.  If it has been one year or will be by the time students return from their trip, they should request a travel signature. 

    Students on OPT or STEM OPT should get an updated travel signature every 6 months if they are traveling outside of the United States. In addition to the abovementioned documents, they should also carry their EAD card and it is recommend to carry evidence of employment. 

  • Graduation

    If you plan to graduate this semester, be sure to let your international student advisor know as soon as possible. Make sure that you apply for graduation through Leopard Web. See grade point average requirements and advisories regarding graduation on the Registrar's Office website.

  • Grace Period

    After the program end date listed on your I-20 (or your EAD card if on OPT/STEM OPT), you have a 60 day grace period during which you have the following options:

    • Leave the United States within 60 days of your graduation date. If you leave at any point during this period without having executed another option, you may not reenter to finish your grace period.
    • Apply for OPT. 
    • Transfer your I-20 to another institution to pursue another degree. The new program must begin with 5 months of your end date at WIT. 
    • Submit a change of status application to another visa status. 
  • Taxes

    All F-1 students are required to file taxes regardless of whether or not they have earned any income. Each year, ISSE partners with the Colleges of the Fenway (COF) to provide international students with tax software so they can file their taxes. Please note that ISSE are not tax experts and therefore cannot offer any advice. We encourage you to follow the instructions provided by the COF to fill out your tax forms or you may consult the IRS tax website for additional information.

  • Violation of F-1 Student Status

    Both students and Wentworth have rules that they must follow in order to be able to host international students. If the following occurs, your SEVIS record will be terminated and you may need to leave the country immediately:

    Undergraduate students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours in order to maintain their status, while graduate students must enroll for a minimum of 9 credits.

    International students on an F-1 student visa may work up to 16 hours per week on campus during the school year and full-time during vacation periods. Note that the US government allows students to work up to 20 hours per week, but Wentworth only allows students to work up to 16 hours per week. If a student works off-campus without permission or exceeds this number of work hours, it will result in a status violation.

    Students new to Wentworth (whether they are transfers or starting their degree program at Wentworth) must be physically present. Wentworth has an obligation to ensure that new students have arrived and are on campus. Therefore, are required to check-in with ISSE upon their arrival to the university. Failure to do so will result in a status violation.

    Students are required to register for classes each semester that they are here, including their co-op semesters.  Be sure to register or you may find yourself accidentally violating your status.

    Students are expected to make normal progress toward their degree completion. Students who fail to achieve this may end up violating their F-1 student visa status.