About Technology Services

The Technology Services supports technology at the University across all colleges and business units. We represent our team aligned with the Wentworth "W". Two core concepts, Client Experience & Enterprise Services are a foundation for our support of Student Success.

  • Tech Spot is Wentworth's Technology Help Desk and your go-to place for help with everything from accounts to laptops. Two specific teams are listed below. Team Leader: Tristan Cary.
    • Laptop Services supports all aspects of the Laptop program including distribution, technical support, repair, and academic software and licensing downloads.
    • Media Services supports classroom media technology and maintains an inventory of equipment available for loan for academic purposes. Also, we provide media support for meetings, conferences, and special events. 
  • Learning Innovation & Technology supports the latest in teaching and learning, state of the art academic technology tools to engage learners, and resources for course development. Team Leader: Tes Zakrzewski
  • Network Operations supports the campus network, WiFi, Internet access, network security, telecommunication, and the data center. Team Leader: Jim McFarland.
  • Enterprise Systems supports administrative applications including the student information system, data warehouse, and our mobile app. Team Leader: Catherine Kidd.
  • Information Security is responsible for the privacy and security of the Institute’s electronic resources. Team Leader: Bryce Cunningham.
    Program Management & Client Success maintains relationships with stakeholders, manages the project and budget process for projects involving IT, change management, and other functions. Team Leaders: Justin Ragsdale & Justin Sabourin.