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Right of Entry

The University reserves the right to search any room when it reasonably believes that a violation of University policy is occurring to investigate the situation and confiscate items that indicate such violations. Suspicious odors and disruptive behavior will be considered grounds for a search. In addition, Wentworth reserves the right to search a student’s person, motor vehicle and room, including but not limited to refrigerators, closets, safes, desks, and large bags or boxes. In cases of health and safety concerns for the individual or community, students are required to open any items that may be locked or otherwise secured. Failure to open locked items may result in their confiscation until such time that their content can be verified. Prohibited items noted in the Student Code of Conduct (e.g., alcoholic beverages and containers, drug paraphernalia, fire safety items, weapons) will be confiscated and used in the University’s Student Code of Conduct proceedings and criminal proceedings.  

It also should be noted that federal, commonwealth, and local officials may exercise their legitimate authority to conduct searches on campus without the consent of the University.