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Student Code of Conduct

Introduction to the Student Code of Conduct 

Since its founding in 1904, Wentworth Institute of Technology has been guided by an adherence to four tenets that founder Arioch Wentworth believed were essential to personal and business excellence: honesty, energy, economy, and system. Today those tenets, now known as the Wentworth Creed, grace the University seal and serve as the foundation for academic, professional, and personal excellence and form the tenets underlying and incorporated into the Student Code of Conduct (The Student Code).  

In 2011, the Leopard’s Oath was developed to signify the University’s pledge to be a community of students, faculty, and staff committed to learning and growth. Knowing that human interaction is essential to our growth and development, we must cultivate an environment of civility and respect to maximize our potential. As members of the Wentworth community, we agree to uphold the following principles:  

  • Act with compassion and respect  
  • Withhold judgment and seek learning  
  • Take civility and integrity into every environment  
  • Embrace our history and lead our future  

In accordance with these tenets and principles, the University is strongly committed to the development of the student and promotion of personal integrity and self-responsibility. Students enrolling at Wentworth become citizens of this community and are entitled to enjoy the privileges and assume the responsibilities associated with the affiliation. All members of the Wentworth community are expected to uphold the Wentworth Creed, the Leopards Oath, The Student Code, its policies and all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Students who fail to uphold each of these standards are subject to a disciplinary sanction.