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Student Code of Conduct

Introduction to The Student Code of Conduct   

Admission to Wentworth Institute of Technology means acceptance into a new and vibrant community that is dedicated to experiential learning. Being a Wentworth student and member of the University community is a privilege, and with this membership comes great individual responsibility.  

All students at Wentworth, from time of admission to degree conferral, are expected to act in accordance with all University policies and procedures, as well as all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances. Additionally, Wentworth is dedicated to cultivating accessible, equitable, and inclusive environments through its goal of achieving Inclusive Excellence. This commitment transcends into The Student Code of Conduct, ensuring all students have access to information and resources as well as secured rights in our administrative processes and procedures.  

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with this document. Students are responsible for their behavior and the consequences of their actions, even when the conduct may have been influenced by their physical or emotional state (irrespective of any medical or clinical diagnoses) or by the use of alcohol or other drugs. Students seeking reasonable accommodation are encouraged to review the Disability Accommodations and Interpreter Services section as outlined in Part 4, Student Code of Conduct Procedures. 

Unfortunately, there will be students who participate in acts that violate The Student Code of Conduct. Students who violate University policies and procedures will be held accountable for their actions as outlined in this document. The Student Code of Conduct describes the procedures for addressing violations. Given the seriousness of violations, there may be instances where the University reserves the right to involuntarily or permanently separate a student from the University.