Getting Paid

How often can I work?
Students can work up to 16 hours per week. The dollar amount of your award indicates your “maximum earnings”. This is the most that you may earn for the entire academic year.  To determine how many hours you can work, consider the following:

1. Your course load. Be sure you will have adequate time for studying.
2. The hours available as determined by your supervisor.
3. Your maximum earnings for the year.

Do I submit a timesheet?
Yes, students submit their timesheets bi-weekly to their supervisors for approval. Your timesheets must be:
1. Properly completed (full name, ID, Department)
2. Recorded with the actual time worked – providing the exact time worked
3. Signed and approved by supervisors

Students may not tamper with timesheets in any manner. To do so is considered FRAUD.

Where do I pick up my check?
Students are paid bi-weekly on the regular WIT employee pay schedule. Students can pick up their paychecks in the Student Service Center anytime after 12 pm on the payday. Checks not picked up will be mailed to the address on your W4.

Can I get direct deposit?
Direct deposit into your checking or savings account is encouraged. To sign up, complete the Direct Deposit form, available in the Student Service Center. NOTE, it takes about two pay periods for direct deposit to be processed. You will receive a check in the interim.