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610 Huntington

Active Living for Upper-class and Transfer Students

610 Huntington Avenue is a suite-style residence hall for upper-class and transfer students. It is the largest upper-class residential community at Wentworth, offering a comfortable home for 475 students. It also houses the Casella Fitness Center.

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  • Bedrooms: Furnished with demountable bunk beds that can only be debunked if the student provides a doctor’s note with a relevant reason. Each student has a desk, a desk chair and a large wardrobe with shelving and hanging space. Internet/network connections are provided, as well as Xfinity Internet television service.
  • Amenities: Game rooms, laundry, vending machines, drafting and design room, study lounges, and building-wide high-speed Internet and WiFi access.
  • Food: Suites are equipped with a full kitchen including a full-size refrigerator/freezer and stove, along with cabinet space for dishes and a pantry for canned goods. However, all students are required to have a campus meal plan (please review the Housing Agreement for additional details).
  • Staffing: 610 Huntington Avenue is staffed by one full-time residence director and 10 student resident assistants (see list at right). 610 also employees approximately 60 work study students in various locations throughout the building. Students that qualify for Federal Work Study are able to work as a game room, attendant, fitness center attendant, drafting and design room attendant, and office assistant. For more information about opportunities in the 610 community, visit Student Employment and Work Study
  • Detailed Floor Plans: