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Wentworth Women Meet Industry Professionals at Construction Management Speed Networking Event

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On Wednesday, January 22, the Wentworth Construction Management Club (CM Club) held a networking event geared towards women who are currently pursuing a degree related to the built environment and/or Construction Management. The event was organized in part by Shawmut Design and Construction alongside the WIT CM Club student board.

The event invited women professionals onto campus to engage with current students and provide insight into the available career paths for CM professionals and day-to-day activities of various positions.

Representatives from nine regional/national companies were in attendance:

  • Shawmut Design and Construction
  • Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies
  • Lee Kennedy Construction
  • Columbia
  • Wayne Griffin
  • Bond
  • Chapman Construction
  • CMC Design + Build
  • Gilbane Building Company

The event was the first part of a series of scheduled "Women in Construction" events throughout the Spring 2020 semester.

“I loved seeing how all the industry women came together to help give education and guidance to our young students,” said Alexia Ralphs ’20. “This event was very empowering and made me proud to be a part of this club and this school.”

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