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Plan Ahead: March 5, 2020 Faculty Showcase & Reception!

The Spring 2020 Faculty Showcase & Reception is scheduled for March 5, 2020 from 3pm-5pm in Watson Auditorium. The Request to Showcase form is open so save the date and plan ahead!

On March 14th, 2019 Wentworth celebrated accomplishments of faculty including: teaching, scholarship, professorships, mini-grants, EPIC learning, sabbaticals, and creative works. Over 70 attendees gathered to explore new ideas and possibilities, engage their curiosity, and converse with colleagues. Check out the Photo Gallery and Showcase Presentations.

What's Happening with Blackboard at Wentworth?

As you know, Wentworth is exploring replacing our learning management system (LMS), currently Blackboard Learn. In the fall, look for announcements of vendor presentations and please participate! Wentworth community feedback provides critical insight into selecting the best LMS for Wentworth's needs. See how Blackboard use at Wentworth measures up against published reports from Blackboard researchers, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and our own Colleges of the Fenway Bettering Learner Engagement Study. Get the Blackboard Use Scoop! For more insight into Bb use from the student perspective, read the Blackboard Student Experience at Wentworth. For insight into how faculty implement Bb tools in their courses to support classroom delivery and student learning, read the analyzing data from Blackboard blog.

Please feel free to reach out to LMS Taskforce colleagues with questions, concerns, and input. This work is very much a shared governance, open and transparent process.

Make Your Course and Materials Easier to Access!

Wouldn't it be great if all of your students could easily access your course content in the ways that best fit how they learn? With a little effort and assistance, you can design your content so it can be read, listened to, and watched using different kinds of devices. This helps students who use assistive technology, commute, like to listen to content while doing something else, and are not native English speakers. The end result is the ability to learn anytime, anywhere. Join working sessions this summer. Using Bb Learn? Join a pilot of a tool called Ally to scan your course content, get feedback on how accessible it is, learn how to make it even more accessible, and get support along the way. Using videos that you’d like to caption? Contact LIT for captioning assistance. Do you like self-help resources? Visit this accessibility webpage and LibraryGuide that provides just in time resources. Increase student success by using transparency in assignment purpose, task, and criteria