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Submit Grades to Banner from Blackboard

If you were not on campus this summer you may have missed the announcements about the new way to submit grades from Blackboard to Banner. At the end of Spring semester Technology Services implemented a new integration between Banner and Blackboard.  We undertook the change to improve the experience for faculty and students by providing real-time updates to student enrollments and faculty course assignments as well as providing a means to send grades directly from Blackboard to Banner. LIT will be holding drop in sessions December 15th - December 19th to help instructors with the changes in the process for submitting grades. See the blog post (link below) for more information as well as dates and times.

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Kickstart Group Success

Much of the work that happens in today's global economy takes place in groups and teams. Setting groups up for success requires deliberate effort. Find out more about a toolkit that you can use and customize to help groups get off to a productive start and produce strong results!

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