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  • Connect with the LIT TeamVirtual hours from 8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday over Email (lit@wit.edu) and Phone (617) 989-4500. Individual consultations by appointment, please email lit@wit.edu to meet with an instructional designer.

Course Preparation:

  • For faculty teaching technology needs for the fall, please email TechSpot@wit.edu if you need a web camera, headset with microphone, or Wacom tablet to facilitate remote teaching

Getting Started:

Organize Your Course:

  • Create a consistent and engaging student experience by centralizing content, assignments, and assessments in your Blackboard Learn course. Create a clear and easy to understand organizational structure for course material, LIT can help! 
  • Use the Online Faculty Course Readiness Checklist to guide your preparations.
  • Use asynchronous communication methods, such as prerecorded lectures, announcements, and email communication to supplement synchronous classes. 
    • Communicate clear expectations for when can students connect live to instructors, when can students connect live with other students, and what communication, deadlines, etc. are you using to keep students motivated. Have clear deadlines for assignments. Engage students who are in different time zones. Manage connectivity issues (lagging internet, technical challenges. Student tips and resources are on the Academic Resources Tab in Blackboard.

Learning Strategies:

Academic Technology Tools:

Featured Content

Make Your Course and Materials Easier to Access!

Wouldn't it be great if all of your students could easily access your course content in the ways that best fit how they learn? With a little effort and assistance, you can design your content so it can be read, listened to, and watched using different kinds of devices. This helps students who use assistive technology, commute, like to listen to content while doing something else, and are not native English speakers. The end result is the ability to learn anytime, anywhere. A new tool was turned on in Blackboard called Ally that allows you to identify and correct accessibility issues in your course content. Ally provides you guidance on how to correct any accessibility issues. Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files so students can choose the type of file they want that best suits their needs. While you’re in the process of improving files, students can still access alternative copies. Using videos that you’d like to caption? Contact LIT for captioning assistance. Do you like self-help resources? Visit this accessibility webpage and LibraryGuide that provides just in time resources. Increase student success by using transparency in assignment purpose, task, and criteria. Learn more about Universal Design for Learning practices to reach and engage the most learners!


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