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Total credits for degree: 120

This four year program starts in the fall semester of the student's first year and is planned to end in the summer semester of the student's fourth year. Each course is worth 4 credits, with the exception of co-ops (0 credits). The courses are as follows:

  Fall Spring Summer
Freshman Introduction to Networks Infrastructure Design  
Computer Science I Computer Science II  
English I English II  
Statistics & Applications Discrete Math  
Sophomore IT Architecture Fundamentals of Information Management Optional COOP
Security Principles Wireless Networks  
General Elective Web Development  
HUSS - Ethics Science Elective  
Junior System Analysis & Design Required COOP 1 IT Software Development & Management
Concentration (1)   Enterprise System Design
Concentration (2)   COMP Elective
HUSS - Social Science   Concentration (3)
Senior Required COOP 2 IT Project Management Senior Project
  Concentration (4) COMP Elective
  HUSS - Humanities Concentration (5)


Students are required to complete:

  • At least one course in Humanities
  • At least one course in the Social Sciences
  • The remaining course from either the Humanities or Social Sciences category. 

Students with a three English course sequence may use the third English course to satisfy a Humanities requirement.

A minimum of 20 credits total, including English, humanities, and social science credit, is required to complete the humanities and social sciences graduation requirement.



Each Information Technology student must choose one 5-course concentration. These options include:

Network Infrastructure Concentration Health Informatics Concentration
(1)  Network Administration (1)  Introduction to Health Informatics
(2)  System Administration (2)  Information Management
(3)  Network Security (3)  Mobile Health
(4)  Computer Security (4)  Data Analytics
(5)  Network Management & Design (5)  Healthcare Integration
Information Technology Concentration IT Project Management Concentration
(1)  Network Administration (1)  Communication Elective
(2)  System Administration (2)  Secure IT Management
(3)  Data Science Fundamentals (3)  IT Economics
(4)  Information Management (4)  Quality Management of IT Systems
(5)  Mobile App Development  (5)  Project Planning, Scheduling & Control, or advanced ITPM-related course


This curriculum is pending the approval of the Board of Trustees.