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Anne-Catrin Schultz sits down to discuss her passion for architecture, especially here in Boston, and how it can be a great framework for social change.

Wentworth's Architecture programs focus on the tangible and material realities of design and building. Our students are trained to think critically in order to articulate a well-grounded position in architecture that prepares them to become leaders in the field. They develop creative confidence, technical knowledge, professional skills and expanded perspectives through integrated and applied learning experiences, including international travel studies and co-op employment. Ultimately, the programs provide graduates with the insight, skills, and perspective to pursue meaningful careers in architecture and design.

Studio-Based Programs

A dynamic studio environment is at the core of Wentworth's architectural education. Students work intensively in small groups under the guidance of a faculty member. They invent and test ideas, discover new ways of thinking, and explore conceptual methods and emerging technologies. The studio also creates an engaging climate where friendships are formed and lifelong professional relationships are fostered. 

Students building a model building with paper

Boston as a Lab

Boston provides a wonderful setting for architectural education. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, students experience the cultural richness and a diverse tapestry of both traditional and contemporary buildings. They learn about the opportunities and the responsibilities inherent in the architect’s role as form maker of the built environment while discovering the profound impact of architecture on individuals, communities and societies.

Architecture Accreditation

The Department currently holds a full 8-year term of accreditation (the maximum possible under the 2009 NAAB Conditions for Accreditation) for its Master of Architecture degree program from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). In order to promote transparency in the process of accreditation in architectural education, Wentworth is required by NAAB to make the following information available to the public. Learn more about Architecture Accreditation. 

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