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Address Changes


Your local and permanent addresses (including telephone numbers and Wentworth e-mail addresses) must be on file at Wentworth at all times. You may use any of the following methods to change your addresses:

  • Submit your request in writing to the SSC (located on the first floor of Williston Hall).
  • Send the request by e-mail to the Student Service Center (  Requests sent by e-mail must be sent from your Wentworth e-mail address.


Alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Programs to update their address to receive notification of any alumni news and events. Contacts to the Office of Alumni Programs can be made in the following ways:

Phone: 1-800-258-6948
U.S. Postal Service mail:
The Office of Alumni Programs
Wentworth Institute of Technology
550 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115