Tuition Proration Policy

Wentworth Institute of Technology Tuition Adjustment and Refund Policy

Summer 2020 Tuition Adjustment - Day Students.pdf

Summer 2020 Tuition Adjustment - CPCE.pdf

Tuition proration for a withdrawing student is based on the date in the semester that the voluntary withdrawal paperwork is submitted to the Student Service Center. Adjustments are made based on the following schedule:

For 15-Week Courses:

  • The end of the drop/add period/first week of the semester: 100%* Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The end of the second week of the semester: 75% Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The end of the third week of the semester: 50% Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The end of the fourth week of the semester: 25% Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The fifth week of the semester and later: no reversal of tuition charges
  • *Any tuition/housing deposits are Non-Refundable

For Six- or Seven-Week Courses:

  • The end of the first week of the course: 100%  Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The end of the second week of the course: 50%  Tuition Charge Reversal
  • The third week of the course and later: no reversal of tuition charges

Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Tuition and fees will not be adjusted until the Student Service Center receives the official voluntary withdrawal petition from the student.

Students who withdraw from Wentworth should contact the Student Service Center to obtain the appropriate Financial Aid refund schedule as well as to discuss any remaining financial obligations with a Student Financial Services or Financial Aid counselor.

Once a student's withdrawal has been processed Student Financial Services will perform the appropriate tuition adjustment, if applicable, based on the date of withdrawal. After all tuition adjustments have been processed, Financial Aid is required to perform a "Return To Title 4" (R2T4) calculation to determine how much financial aid a student may be eligible to receive. Withdrawn students will then be notified by mail of the details of the R2T4 calculation.

Fees are not refundable. Students are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the published refund policy.

The Tuition Adjustment policy is based on the terms in the Wentworth Academic Catalog. For more information on Withdrawal and Tuition Adjustment, please go to: