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Payment Plans

Monthly Payment Plan

Wentworth Institute of Technology offers an interest-free monthly payment plan in partnership with Tuition Management Systems (TMS). By setting up a payment plan, students may divide the cost of the academic year over nine or ten payments and receive monthly statements from TMS. Payments are remitted directly to TMS by the fifth of every month and appear on your Wentworth tuition account as soon as TMS receives payment.

More information about TMS, as well as online enrollment, is available at the TMS website. Upper-class students on Fall co-op and in Spring/Summer courses may want to consider enrolling in TMS's Summer co-op plan rather than the traditional Fall/Spring plan.

Payment Plan Details

Full Year Plan

  • 12 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) April 5th
  • 11 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) May 5th
  • 10 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) June 5th
  • 9 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) July 5th
  • 8 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) August 5th*
  • Last Payment date for all: March 5th (Following Year)
  • Enrollment Fee: $85.00

Fall Only Plan

  • 5 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) June 5th
  • 4 Payments - First Payment (Current Year) July 5th
  • Last Payment date: October 5th
  • Enrollment Fee: $60.00

Spring Only Plan

  • 5 Payments - First Payment November 5th
  • 4 Payments - First Payment December 5th
  • Last Payment date: March 5th (Following Year)
  • Enrollment Fee: $60.00

○ This is a no-interest monthly payment plan.

○ Each monthly payment is determined by taking the total budget (the remaining balance after subtracting any aid or loans) and dividing it by the number of installments (months in the plan). 

   (E.g. A $3,000 budget on a 5-payment plan, for instance, would result in five $600 monthly payments.)

○ If two subsequent payments are missed, the plan will be canceled and a $100 late fee may be applied to the student’s WIT account balance. The student may also be ineligible for future payment plans.

 *Because this plan starts after the bill due date, interested families will need to contact their student’s billing counselor directly to enroll.

 For questions,  or to enroll, please call TMS directly at 1-800-722-4867, or visit their website at