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New Students Timeline

Billing and Financial Aid

The Wentworth Financial Aid Office begins sending award notifications to all students in March. Applicants are notified on a rolling basis as the office receives their financial aid application and students are admitted to the Insistite. We reserve the right to modify financial aid awards at any time due to changes on your financial aid application, in your financial eligibility, in program terms, in the amount of available funding, and/or due to coordination with other resources you receive.

Each student has a dedicated counselor in both Student Financial Services (Billing) and the Financial Aid Office.

Important Dates for New Students

  • October 1st: FAFSA becomes available at 
  • March 1st: Priority deadline for submitting FAFSA applications ( Watch the instructional video.
  • Late March: Financial Aid Award letters are mailed out to new students starting in late March.
  • April-July: Students who have been selected for Verification for Financial Aid, and are required to submit documentation to Wentworth, should do so as soon as possible. All documentation must be in by July 7th.
  • May 1st: Tuition and housing deposits due for the upcoming school year. Deposits can be made online via L-Connect or through the Admissions Office.
  • June: Fall tuition bill available on student Leopard Web accounts via L-Connect.
  • July: Students that will be borrowing Federal Direct Stafford loans need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) by the Fall bill due date. Go to and log in with your FAFSA User ID to complete these requirements.  Parents borrowing a Federal Parent Plus loan must complete both as well and should log in with their own FAFSA User ID.
  • August: The fall tuition bill is due around the first week of August. See methods of payment for all the ways to submit payment to us in the Student Service Center.