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Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture

The Architecture program at Wentworth embraces the art of making. We are committed to the traditional role of the practitioner and master builder: to design and construct buildings that contribute to society and enrich people’s lives. To that end, the curriculum promotes research and design based on the linkages between conceptual frameworks and the tangible nature of architecture. Through rigorous investigations into the history, theory and material culture of the built environment, students engage design as a fusion of the art and science of building. 

The department offers four separate degree programs:

Wentworth’s location in Boston provides a wonderful setting for architectural education. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, students experience the cultural richness and a diverse tapestry of both traditional and contemporary buildings. They learn about the opportunities and the responsibilities inherent in the architect’s role as form maker of the built environment while discovering the profound impact of architecture on individuals, communities and societies.

The faculty represents a broad range of interests and expertise, bringing insight and real world experience into the studio-based education. The program also offers opportunities to engage diverse cultures and building traditions through travel-based learning in national and international settings. 

Focusing on the tangible and material realities of design and building, our students are trained to think critically in order to articulate a well-grounded position in architecture that prepares them to become leaders in the field. Ultimately, the program provides graduates with the insight, skills, and perspective to pursue meaningful careers in architecture and design.