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Registration Errors

Below is a list of the most common registration errors you may encounter. Follow the instructions below each error for assistance.

When necessary, contact the school that owns the course that cannot be added (ex: for a COMP course, contact the School of Computing and Data Science).

  • Repeat Count Exceeds 1 (Repeat Course)

    • You are attempting to register for a course that you have already taken and earned a grade of C or higher. 

    If this is an attempt to register for a course for the second or third time, please contact the Registrar's Office to discuss your options.

  • Maximum Hours Exceeded: 20 Credit Hours

    • You have exceeded the maximum 20 credits per semester.

    Contact your Dean's Office for next steps.

  • You have a hold on your account.

    • Your may have a Financial hold, Immunization hold, etc. which prevents registration.  Details about your hold can be found in the Registration Status section of LeopardWeb.

    Contact the appropriate office to resolve your hold.

  • Closed Course

    • No more seats are available in the section.

    Find another section or work with your primary advisor to create another schedule.

  • Linked Course Required

    • You are trying to add a lecture and lab that are not linked or you are missing a linked course.

    Choose linked sections for a class.  For example, labs COMP1050-04A, COMP1050-05A and COMP1050-06A are linked to the lecture sections COMP1050-01A, COMP1050-02A and COMP1050-03A.  Add lecture and lab sections at the same time.

  • Prerequisite or Test Score Error

    • You are missing a pre-requisite or a co-requisite course.

    Common Co-requisite Errors:

    1. Register for lectures and labs at the same time. 
    2. If one of the co-requisite classes is a Math class, register for that class first to avoid this error message. 
      Refer to the Academic Catalog for course pre-requisite details.
  • Field of Study Restriction - Major

    • This class is reserved for another major.

    Choose another class.

  • Time Conflict

    • You have tried to add two courses that are scheduled at the same time.

    Select courses that are not scheduled at the same time.

  • You are not allowed to register at this time.

    • You are attempting to register at a time when registration is not yet available.

    Wait until registration opens.  If you think you should be eligible to register, contact the Registrar's Office.


    • Day 1: Fifth Year and Seniors (96+ Earned Credits), ROTC/Veterans, all Graduate and Part-Time Undergraduate Programs
    • Day 2: Juniors (64 - 95 Earned Credits)
    • Day 3: Sophomores (32 - 63 Earned Credits)
    • Day 4: Freshmen (0 to 31 Earned Credits)
  • Class Restriction

    • You are attempting to register for a section that is restricted to another class level.

    Choose another class or obtain School approval.

  • School Restriction

    • You are attempting to register for a course in the part-time degree programs.  All of these courses have a section number starting with C (for example, SOCL 1051 Sec C61).

    Attempt to register for a course that does not have a section number beginning with C.

  • Duplicate Course

    • You have attempted to register for two sections of the same course in the same semester.

    Drop the current section of the class, and then add the new section.

  • You have no registration time ticket.

    • You have not been assigned a time ticket for the current registration semester.  For example, you are returning from a leave of absence or are not currently enrolled.

    Contact the Registrar's Office at