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We understand that choosing a major and career path can be overwhelming. If you are interested in Computing & Data Science, but aren't sure which major fits you, we welcome you to join the first year exploratory track.

In this track you will have a full academic year to experience different Computing & Data Science majors and make the best decision for you. You can still graduate on time and make progress toward your chosen degree once you decide.

What to expect?


If you want to explore majors in the School of Computing & Data Science, we have specially designed a first year experience complete with seminars, workshops, and career assessments to help you choose your academic pathway.

Majors Offered

Curriculum & Course Sequences


The course curriculum allows you to experience the breadth of our degrees:

Fall Semester

  • Computer Science I
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Exploratory Seminar I - Programs
  • Mathematics*
  • English*

Spring Semester

  • Computer Science II
  • Exploratory Elective
  • Exploratory Seminar II - Careers
  • Mathematics*
  • English

*An AP Score of 4 or 5 can replace Computer Science I, Calculus I & II, and English I. Students who take Precalculus at Wentworth may need to take summer courses to graduate on time. Math and English placements will determine coursework.

Ready to Apply?

The Exploratory First Year Track is available for you to select in the Common App when you choose any major in Computing & Data Science.