Seunghae Lee

Department Chair


Seunghae Lee came from Oregon State University's College of Business where she has held a tenured faculty position. She has served as interior design faculty for Purdue University and California State University, Northridge as well. 

She has a Ph.D. in Facilities Design and Management from Michigan State University, and Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Housing and Interior Design from Yonsei University, Korea. She has published articles in the Journal of Interior DesignApplied ErgonomicsBuilding & EnvironmentIndoor & Built Environment, International Journal of Architectural Research,  and International Journal of Design. Her research and publications cover a range of issues including support for older adults’ daily activities in the kitchen and bathroom; layout and residence space planning for continuing care retirement communities; and the need for senior-friendly products to support daily life among elderly in their homes and communities.

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