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Center for Skilled Trades

Expanding the Boston Pipeline into the Skilled Workforce

The Center for Skilled Trades, part of Wentworth’s Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), aims to deliver education-to-career pathways driven by the needs of the local economy for all levels of learners. Built with the “community school” model serving as inspiration, participants have the opportunity to earn stacked credentials that will build their portfolio of skills. A pathway in Construction will serve as the Center's first pathway.

Upon completion, participants can choose to join the skilled trades full-time or matriculate to Wentworth as a full-time undergraduate as they pursue the next credentials Wentworth has to offer.

Students building a community shed.

Interested Participants

Calling all Boston graduates! Interested in receiving hands-on education through experiential learning and foundational coursework either on-the-job or on a college campus? Click on the link below to learn more about the Center for Skilled Trades at Wentworth Institute of Technology and how you can build your career.

two students working in a lab

Why Skilled Trades?

America has a shortage of skilled laborers and a skilled workforce that does not represent the racial and gender demographics of our community. Although this alarm was sounded nearly 40 years ago, the challenge facing industry has never been more dire. See why expanding the skilled labor workforce through hands-on, educational opportunities is critical to the future of local industries by clicking on the link below.

male and female construction workers

Why Wentworth?

Wentworth was founded to provide "education in the technical arts" for local youth. The Institute, through its Boston Pipeline, aims to ensure youth have access to educational opportunities that impact our local economy, including the skilled labor workforce. With its historical success in career-focused education and community collaboration, Wentworth is poised to grow the number of individuals and the diversity of the skilled workforce. 

People of Color at Construction site

Partnering with the Center for Skilled Trades

Interested in supporting Wentworth's newest initiative to positively impact the lives of local youth through education-to-career programs in the Skilled Trades? Click below to access contact information for the Skilled Trades team.