Public Safety Support

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The Wentworth Department of Public Safety is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive and respond to reports regarding sexual misconduct.  All officers are certified sworn Massachusetts Special State Police Officers who are also Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs.  All Wentworth Public Safety officers are certified to investigate reports of sexual misconduct.

Public Safety's approach is multi-disciplinary and guided by the concerns and wishes of the survivor once they have been fully appraised of all of their options. Survivors are essential members of the investigative team. They are part of the decision making process from the very beginning.  Public Safety works closely with the Title IX Coordinator and the Dean of Students Office.  

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the assault, the other “team members” could come from the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit (or the police of jurisdiction in the area where the assault took place), the Boston or Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab, The SANE Nursing Program, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and other sources that may provide a potential positive influence into the furtherance of the investigation.

Massachusetts Statute Law dictates that before a sworn police officer can conduct an investigation into a reported sexual assault they must first complete a comprehensive 40 hour “Victim Centered” Training. While the majority of police officers in the Commonwealth have not attained this level of expertise, ALL of the officers at Wentworth have attended the training and have been certified to investigate reported sexual assaults.

Safety Escorts

To ensure a safe campus and community the Department of Public Safety has implemented many programs and services. Commuter students have the option of requesting a Public Safety escort to walk to and from Wentworth parking lots and to our nearest t-stations (Ruggles, Orange line and Museum of Fine Arts, green line).

Below is a list of few Public Safety services. 

  • 24 Hour Safety Escort Service: Provided by vehicle or on foot to community members traveling on campus or to local green/orange line t-stops.
  • Emergency Phones: Located throughout campus and may be used to contact Public Safety immediately.
  • Crime Alerts: Crime alerts are distributed to all members of the community when incidents (that are deemed a threat to the community) occur. These notices are also include precautionary measures that should be observed by members of the Wentworth community.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) for Women

This nationally renowned safety program is currently taught at more than four hundred colleges and universities. It was created to teach basic defense theories and then couple them with proven self-defense tactics and techniques to protect women against various types of assaults.  The instructional objective of the course is to develop and enhance the options of self-defense so that in the event of an attack the person being assaulted will be able to make an educated decision regarding resistance and response.

The R.A.D. Course is offered several times a year on the Wentworth campus. Currently it is available for women-only and is delivered at no cost. The instructors are all sworn Wentworth police officers who are nationally certified R.A.D. instructors.

The program consists of twelve hours of instruction that is usually broken into three, four hour blocks. The course begins with information and an overview about awareness, prevention, risk education and risk avoidance. The training progresses into the basics of hands-on defense and involves the learning and practicing of physical defense movements. In the final phase of the program all of the learned techniques and tactics are applied in practical simulation exercises.

This interactive course is not only informative and valuable but it is also a great way to connect with other women in the Wentworth community and officers from the Wentworth Department of Public Safety.