Information for Faculty and Staff

Information for Faculty and Staff

As a staff or faculty member at Wentworth Institute of Technology, you may develop close relationships with students who may confide sensitive information about incidents of sexual misconduct. As a member of the Wentworth community, you have an important responsibility to report this information and help the student access appropriate resources.

Responsible Employee

All colleges are mandated by law under the Clery Act to report the number of sexual assaults and rapes, as well as other crimes, experienced on their campuses each year in order to track the instances of these crimes, so that colleges may effectively work on prevention and response. For this reason, it is important to report that an incident has occurred. When you learn of an incident of sexual misconduct, you must inform the student of your obligation to call the Title IX Coordinator (Amy Intille, Vice-President for Executive Affairs/Title IX Coordinator, 617-989-4193).

How to Assist Survivors

  • Listening without giving advice and helping the student get connected to the appropriate professional resources on or off campus is the most helpful thing you can do.
  • Remember that your role in this situation may be different than your professional role with students. As the student decides their next steps, it may be hard not to tell the student what to do, but these decisions must be left up to the student.
  • For some students, accessing resources after an incident of sexual misconduct can be overwhelming. You may offer to walk them to offices such as the Title IX Coordinator (second floor of Williston Hall), Wentworth Public Safety (first floor of 610 Huntington Ave), Center for Wellness (ground floor of Watson Hall) or the Dean of Students Office (ground floor of Rubenstein Hall). This small step can make an enormous difference for a student.

If you wish to talk to someone about sexual misconduct or how to help, you can call the Title IX Coordinator at 617-989-4193 or the Dean of Students in the Dean of Students Office at 617-989-4410.

To receive additional personal support and resources, please contact:

AllOneHealth (Institute EAP):

800-451-1834 (username: wit, password: employee)

Title IX Coordinator:

Amy Intille, Vice-President for Executive Affairs/Title IX Coordinator at or phone 617-989-4193.