The W: Wentworth's Newsletter

The W is a university-wide, weekly internal email newsletter that features a curated assortment of stories, events, and other important information from our community. Our goal is to showcase campus life here at Wentworth and get our community members invested in the school.

The W is segmented into two main audiences: 1) Students and 2) Faculty & Staff. Though the Feature Stories and Calendars appear the same in both versions of the email, Campus Updates are sometimes filtered for one of these specific audiences. For that reason, a slightly different version of the newsletter goes out to each of these audiences each week.

We welcome submissions from students, faculty, and staff for consideration in that week's issue or a future issue. Whenever possible, we encourage you to consider including your item in The W instead of sending out a one-off email.

Some examples of content we'd love to see:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Campus News
  • Student Projects
  • Faculty Projects
  • Awards
  • Faculty & Staff Announcements
  • Student Clubs & Organizations

Archive of Past Issues