Staff Laptop Issuance Policy


Wentworth Institute of Technology is committed to providing the appropriate hardware solution for each fulltime community member. This policy addresses the need by some staff members to have mobile computing (a laptop computer) instead of a desktop computer. A decision to provide a laptop will be based upon a documented need, departmental approval, and available funding.


Staff will be eligible for consideration for laptops. Laptops are authorized based upon job responsibilities, demonstrated need, and departmental approvals. The policy also recognizes the need for some shared departmental laptops and provides provision for purchase or out-of-cycle replacement under special circumstances.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Staff who travel frequently (on and off campus) as part of their job
  • Staff who use specialized software.

Approval Process 

All requests for staff laptops must be approved by the requestor's Department Head. The Director of Purchasing will determine whether the purchase meets the approval process requirements, and how the laptop will be funded.

Approval Process Requirements

  • Only one computer will be provided by the Institute for each staff member; computers beyond this require written approval from the Department Head.
  • Staff members will need to fill out the Laptop Request Form stating the reason(s) he/she is requesting a laptop, and listing software and hardware needs. While criteria are indicated above, it is the responsibility of the Department Head to determine whether requests are in the interests of the Institute.
  • Unless the laptop is in stock, all orders (as for any technology equipment or software) must be processed through Purchasing. Exceptions to the current configuration, such as additional memory, display size or laptop weight, will need to be approved by the Department Head.
  • Requests for peripherals such as monitor, keyboard and mouse, docking station, spare batteries, or other consumables need to be included in the Request Form.
  • Ownership of the laptop computer will reside with the Institute and the laptop must be returned when job responsibilities no longer require a laptop, or employment ends.


It is the responsibility of staff members to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to or loss/theft of laptop computers in their care. The staff member or department may be responsible for certain costs to repair or replace the computer if the damage or loss is due to negligence or intentional misconduct. Policies for appropriate use of Institute property as identified in the staff handbook or elsewhere will be used to determine whether liability due to negligent behavior exists.